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Making friends with failure – How it made me realise that I have to KEEP ON WRITING


At the start of this year I stupidly vowed on Twitter that I would complete three short films by mid July. I’ve always taken personal promises very seriously. Every pledge I’ve ever made has been fulfilled. Every sworn oath bellowed … Continue reading

A Field In England


(Unlike my normal reviews, which get pretty spoiler heavy, I shall on this occassion restrain myself as this is a film I really want people to see! Being a tiny film, it’s all too easy for it to fly under … Continue reading

Fuc-King Ghidorah, I loved PACIFIC RIM!


WARNING: Thar be spoliers! Guillermo del Toro has been one of my favourite filmmakers for a long time. He brings a wide range of influences into his work, drawing deep from culture high and low. Well versed in art, mythology, history, … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Kernel Panic – How I got it wrong


Recently, I’ve shot, edited and delivered my first narrative short film, a sci-fi comedy called KERNEL PANIC. Overall, the response has been positive. Most people found it rather funny and (for a low budget short) well executed. It’s enjoyed a … Continue reading

All in a panic – Why I’m not a fan of 48 hour film challenges


Earlier this year, myself and my friend Adam Brown completed work on a short film called KERNEL PANIC. The film was made as an intended entrant for a sci fi themed 48 hour film challenge. Adam, who produced, has entered … Continue reading