Why we need to talk about Lynne Ramsay


Well, I’m beyond being unfashionably late to the party. By rights, I have offended the hosts, embarrassed myself and potentially brought a downer on the whole soirée. So let me make immediate reparations for being terribly overdue by loudly proclaiming … Continue reading

Kernel Panic gets Wired

Well, this is nice! Wired.com have posted a feature on Kernel Panic.


Although I wished I came up with a more inspiring answer for my influences. I don’t know what’s the matter with me, but every time someone asks me what my favourite films are my mind excuses itself and checks into The Blank Slate motel in Voidsville.

Maybe I should post something more illuminating than the duff answer I gave the Wired feature…

Dissecting Cabin In The Woods – Why horror is important


It’s two for two in 2012 for the geek ubermensch, Joss Whedon. Obviously, his take on the AVENGERS has dominated this summers blockbusters. Now, a week after his superhero gigantosaur has been unleashed in DVD form, comes this years second … Continue reading

This years biggest surprise – A review of DREDD in glorious 2D


Note – This gets pretty heavy with the spoilers. Short version – it’s better than what you thought it would be. And thus the comic book adaptation machine soldiers onwards. Whilst Batman was well made, if slightly forgettable and The … Continue reading

Raising Kernel Panic!

My short film, KERNEL PANIC, is currently ranked at number 100 on Shooting Peoples Film Of The Month leader board. Help me raise KP to the lofty heights of 99th place! View and vote for the film here – https://shootingpeople.org/watch/111470/kernel-panic. You have to be a member to vote, but the view count is used to settle ties. Every little helps, as my grandmother used to say!

How the iPad killed Final Cut Pro (and how Apple have taken the pee out of professional)


(Originally I posted this on badjam.co.uk earlier this year. It’s a bit out of date but many of the points still stand. Whilst this clearly betrays Apple as the main target of ridicule in my film Kernel Panic, I would … Continue reading