Kernel Panic

This is my first short film. It’s a 7 minute sci-fi comedic short about a woman in trouble.

In the next week or so, I will post a detailed critique of the film, what went wrong, what went right. I’ll also focus on the production process. Film making is an education, one I hope to share with anyone out there who chances upon these pages.

4 thoughts on “Kernel Panic

  1. The thing is, all the ‘mistakes’ you think you’ve made (I read your critique) actually add to the overall brilliance of the film: it’s not so glossy that the wonderful performance is lost in expensive sfx; the script is brilliant and doesn’t need any more than a suggestion of a setting (and it’s a perfectly good suggestion); the theatrical rather than realistic design palette actually makes the subject matter stronger because all our IT and internet woes are so often Kafka-esque and so much of our lives is spent on-line that the interface between reality and cyber-space is becoming more blurred. In short, I think your misgivings are part of the film’s strength and, like so much making of art, embracing happy accident is all to the good. But I do understand the craftperson’s dilemma. I’m building a car at the moment and see constant fault and a desire to do things better. I have to learn how to embrace luck when it happens too.

    • Oh wow, thank you very much! As I’m sure you’d appreciate, I still stand by my own critique. But that’s just… my opinion man. I am thrilled it works so well for you! Besides, I have a tendency to be overly harsh on my work. But it better that than the opposite, no?

      I must admit, I have warmed slightly more to it over time. But I still believe there’s a better film to be made with that idea. I’d like to see her talking to Version 7 while she’s ‘dancing on top of a molten metal inferno’ and having Version 10 come in as we get into the orange atmosphere of the planet. Just so we have an extra setting/look, adding a wider range of palette and tone.

      Don’t worry, I won’t George Lucas it… It’s been done and I’m all about the next idea now!

      Thank you again for your comment! Cheers Nick!

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