The List…

Long before I settled on Strange Tea, I kept a list of potential monikers for my production company. A very long list. I remember it used to be blu-tac’d to my wall, a constant reminder of my lack of inertia and non productivity. These phantom titles for a company that did not exist until 2012 betray my state of mind and potential for poor decision making. That I bothered to pick up a pen to record some of these baffles and embarrasses me to this day…

But what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon (after another failed bout with Lady Insomnia) than to post my humiliation for all to see on my website? So, here it is. My list of unused production company names. Mostly harmless, a few a bit worrying. There is one diamond amongst the rough, I think. See if you can spot it. As for the rest? Oh dear…

Witch Hunt Productions
Pre Digested Food Productions
Blasted Heath Productions
Radio Silence Films
Get Back Satan!
Too Little/Too Late
Bungle Fudge Productions
Nice Cup Of Tea Productions
Eldritch Tea Productions
Ear Flea Films
Past My Prime/And My Prime Was Never Any Good Productions
Albion Films
Unfunny Films
Inferior Times
Round 13
Thankless Task Productions
Higgildy Piggildy Productions
Victorian Prison Society
System Of The Universe Productions
Common Enemy Films
Overlong Death Scene Productions
Angry Loner Films
Desperate Prayer Productions
Reality Liberated Films
Saturns Shadow Productions
Enduring Saturn Films
The Gliggersmith Network
Abandoned Asylum Productions
Wendigo Psychosis Society
Situation Maybe Films
The Accountants Of Chaos
Offending Article Productions
Cauldron Post
Concrete Mixer Post
Radiological Alarm Productions
The Absolute End
Occult Circuit Diagrams
Eldritch Circuit Diagrams
Stranger Aeons Studios
3 Eyed Films
Eldritch Reactor Studios
01 Alchemy Inc
Kino Mutations
Mutant Cinema
Monster Tree Productions
The United Church Of Propaganda
Compromised Principles
Bottomless Pit Productions
Misdirected Energy Productions
A Misdirected Film by Martin O’Leary
In Loving Memory Productions
Comfortable MIsery
Suburban Dread Films
Strange People Doing Stuff Inc
Slithy Tove Productions
Physimetical Productions
Artfully Unscene Productions
Sonic Pressure Productions
Abstract Enterprises
Nations Shame Productions
Dog Track In Hayes Inc
Garroters By Trade Productions
Odd One Out Productions
Unmade Films
Not Worth It Productions
Seeping Films
3 Act Alchemy Productions
Dark Matter Films
Laurel Resters Inc
Alchemists Inc
United Heretics Inc
Down The Pub Productions
Filthy Habit Films
The Sick Puppet Association
Do It Tomorrow Productions
Frosty Nartoo Films (no idea what this is supposed to be…)
Walpurgis Night Productions
Cosmic Indifference Productions
The Frog and the Astronaut (again…?)

Hopefully, I shall work again after revealing this list of shameful horrors…

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