Oh, bollocks. It’s March already!

Yes, time does indeed fly. The same cannot be said about my writing, which (productivity wise) has been blessed with all the aeronautical grace of a slab of lead. Surrounded by bastard grade, extra heavy concrete…

So it’s March and I’ve achieved nearly none of my targets I’d set for myself this year. Whilst I’ve been busy, the results have been a little underwhelming. The two feature scripts I’m currently working on just don’t feel right. Story wise, I have some big problems and I’m not hitting the things I want to hit. I feel like I’m close, but the momentum has waned, so I’m letting them roll around in my skull for a few months before I come back to them. See what narrative-saving brain moss these tumbling boulders pick up…

For now, I’m shifting focus onto the three short films I hope to shoot this year. An odd clutch of idea, these are progressing nicely and I’m enjoying the weird little shifts and turns that are cropping up. Whilst getting a little ambitious in terms of scale, they still feel doable within a year. Maybe… The plan was to self fund one or two of these, with the balance hopefully funded via crowd funding. Like I said, it’s all a bit maybe at the moment…

Which is a long way round to getting to the point of this post. It’s March and I haven’t posted anything of note so far this year. Come April, I hope to have put the first few drafts of my short film trinity to bed. Then I’m getting back into the blogging business with a bloody vengeance. I have a considerable backlog of ideas so far unwritten and most definitely unblogged.

Until then, I’m going to bury myself in these shorts. Those following me on Twitter may have noticed my current radio silence. I expect things to be very quiet until I’ve made satisfactory progress on my shorts and I’m on the road to Damascus.


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