What’s in the brew?
A love of great films, naturally.

The experimental, the intellectual, the high brow, the low brow, the pulpy, the fun, the funny, the dark, the gritty, the light, the fluffy, the wyrd, the wonderful, the disturbing, the twisted, the surreal. The fabric of dreams, the fuel of nightmares…

From the avant-garde to all out action movies, if it’s made with passion, imagination, intelligence and integrity, it’s probably flown as electrons across the various cathode ray tubes of my youth and the LCD screens of my present. The thoughts, emotions and ideas conjured up from these glorious sights and sounds all adding to the flavours brewing in the pot.

And that’s the sort of films I want to make. Thought provoking, soul filling and emotional.

That’s the Strange Tea I want to infuse, one cup at a time.

Not the easiest of tasks and I’m definitely amongst the dregiest dregs of the industry. The aim of this blog is to chart my progress, or lack thereof, as I embark on this lunatic quest to brew the perfect cup of Strange Tea.

I think it’s time to put the kettle on.

Martin O’Leary

4 thoughts on “About

      • well as you can see my blog has been neglected as well :P kinda sucks, i love this as a venue for my silly stories and mediocre pics. Ahh but my job has taken precedence- but hopefully in a month or two.and then maybe just maybe, i will have time for the documentaries and screenplay to follow- we shall see
        take care

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