It’s been a while…

Well, it’s quite clear I’ve neglected this blog. Last year I was caught up in a number of  projects that sucked up all my time that sadly came to nothing. It happens a lot in filmmaking, so you just have to take it in your stride and soldier on. It’s all about keeping as many plates spinning at one time. Most will probably shatter on the floor, some may stay on their poles and see you win that prize on The Generation Game (and look how I just horrendously dated myself…) In between all these crashing plates I was constantly working on my own scripts, trying to develop something that I could feasible produce with the little resources at hand. So many of my ideas would be better served further down the line. It’s not just a question of resources and money, it’s also about my experience as a filmmaker. Some things I’m not ready for yet and I’d hate to waste an exciting idea because I don’t have all the right tools and the talent within me to pull it off. (I must stress, this isn’t modesty. It’s the cold calculation of one’s own abilities that is essential if you are to have any realistic chance of actually making a bloody film and avoid catastrophe.)

That said, there’s a number of ideas that I can and will do this year. There’s a few things I need to sort out before I can really get into these, chief among these being a need to earn a few quid to get me through the year…

But a another problem is profile. I feel I never really pushed my short film Kernel Panic enough over the last two years. Partially this is because of the reservations I have over the film (as discussed here). But also because of some confidence issues and a crippling modesty (yes, really!) that I have that makes me feel really awkward about promoting my work. I’m… getting past that. It’s essential for a filmmaker to be loud and proud about there work, even when they have doubts.

Due to my doubts and shite networking skills, my profile has barely advanced in two years. If I’m going to try and fund my next film via crowdsourcing, I need to get my work, indeed MYSELF out there.

So this is me, starting to be very loud! Apologies for the noise…

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