A little Valentines Day love for KERNEL PANIC

As mentioned in my last post here (two in one day after years of bloody silence? Amazing…) I have a profound need to be LOUD.

So here I am, being loud about my short film KERNEL PANIC, which I have entered into the awardeo.tv Film Of The Week competition here.

If you’re on Facebook or Vimeo, I would be supremely grateful if you were to log in and vote for Kernel Panic at the link above!

Quite frankly, it needs all the help it can get after I’ve left it on the shelf for the last year…

Remember folks, filmmakers need to have no fear over being LOUD.

Au revoir.

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Kernel Panic gets Wired

Well, this is nice! Wired.com have posted a feature on Kernel Panic.


Although I wished I came up with a more inspiring answer for my influences. I don’t know what’s the matter with me, but every time someone asks me what my favourite films are my mind excuses itself and checks into The Blank Slate motel in Voidsville.

Maybe I should post something more illuminating than the duff answer I gave the Wired feature…

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